Toxic Metals in Solids or Liquids Test Kit


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SLGi Home Test Kits are easy and simple to use. All tests are run by approved methods. Kit comes complete with everything needed to sample for the amount of toxic metals in liquids (drinking water or ground/waste water), or solids (soil/bulk).

Analysis fee is included in the cost of the kit. Professional and accurate analytical results are available to view online within 5 business days of receipt of your kit for Soil/Bulk and Ground/Waste Water samples, and within 10 days of receipt of your kit for drinking water samples. Return shipping of your sample to our lab normally takes 1-5 business days.

Toxic Metals: Silver-Ag, Aluminum-Al, Arsenic-As, Boron-B, Barium-Ba, Beryllium-Be, Calcium-Ca, Cadmium-Cd, Cobalt-Co, Chromium-Cr, Copper-Cu, Iron-Fe, Potassium-K, Magnesium-Mg, Manganese-Mn, Molybdenum-Mo, Sodium-Na, Nickel-Ni, Lead-Pb, Antimony-Sb, Selenium-Se, Tin-Sn, Titanium-Ti, Thallium-Tl, Vanadium-V, Zinc-Zn.

Kit Contents

  1. Contents for Liquid Sampling
    • 2 500 mL Plastic Bottles
    • Pre-Packaged Gloves
  2. Contents for Solid Sampling
    • 4 Oz Glass Jar
    • 2 Oz Scoop
    • Pre-Packaged Gloves
  3. Contents for Submitting/Registering Sample
    • Registration Instructions Sheet
    • Return Shipping Label
Sample Type

Bulk/Soil, Drinking Water, Ground/Waste Water


10 Business Days, 5 Business Days