On our Login Page, in the Home Test Kits section, you have the ability to sign up for a new kit account or log into your existing account. Once signed in, find the Kit Type on your Registration Instructions sheet – i.e. Asbestos (1 Pack, 5 Day) – and select it in the ‘Select Your Kit’ dropdown. Next click the ‘Register A Kit’ button, and fill in the required information.

The RL is the reporting limit for the instrument that the sample was analyzed on it shows the lowest concentration which can be seen on the instrument taking into consideration sample specific variables. This does not mean that your sample is free of the analyte in interest just that it was not present in a concentration that exceeded the limit that the instrument can reliably detect.

Once your results are ready for viewing, you will receive an email from testkitscs@slabinc.com. Log into your account where you will see a list of kits registered to your account. Use the links on the side to view your report as well as your Chain of Custody.

If you forgot your kit account password, you can reset it using the following link: Forgot My Password

This test kit only searches for “semi volatile organic compounds”. Volatile organic compounds are organic compounds with a low boiling point which allows them to evaporate easily into the surrounding air.

Examples would be acetone which is found in nail polish remover. When a bottle of nail polish remover is opened the vapors are easily released and smelled. Other examples would be formaldehyde, benzene and toluene.

Semi-Volatile organic compounds do not evaporate as easily into the air as volatile organic compounds due to having a higher boiling point. They need a rise in the temperature of the ambient air in order to evaporate. Many of these organic compounds are high production chemicals used in plastics, cleaning supplies, detergents, furniture and other consumer products.

Asbestos is a fibrous mineral that is an excellent and inexpensive fire retardant and insulator. It was used extensively in home construction from the 1940’s to 1970’s. It is still being used in some construction materials. To learn more please visit the Environmental Protection Agency.

Vermiculite is a mineral used in construction, insulation and gardening products. It looks like shiny, small pieces of popcorn, and is usually light-brown or gold in color. Much of the vermiculite that was mined came from Libby Montana and contained asbestos fibers. The inhalation of these asbestos fibers can cause health issues such as asbestosis and mesothelioma.

The EPA states that any result greater than 1% is considered Asbestos Containing Material and should be treated as hazardous. You should contact a professional remediation company for the removal of asbestos.

The best advice when dealing with asbestos is to leave it alone. It presents a risk when it is disturbed and spreads asbestos fibers in the air. Undisturbed asbestos does not present a health hazard, but it still should be removed. The EPA strongly recommends that you hire a professional to remove it safely. To learn more please visit the Environmental Protection Agency.

Black mold is a type of mold called Stachybotrys Chartarum. Black mold is most likely to be found in areas of the home that are particularly warm, humid and damp. If a leak occurs in your home, It only takes 6 to 8 hours for mold to grow.

Lead in water originates from lead plumbing materials–including faucets, pipes, fittings and the solder that holds them all together–corroding and releasing lead into the water. Homes built before 1986 are more likely to be a cause of concern.

We are unable to provide a full list of every specific compound contained in your sample. As the customer, you will need to know what you suspect is in your sample, and as the lab, we will then analyze them for this suspected material.

We are an Environmental and Industrial Hygiene laboratory. We test air, water, soil, paint, bulk, and wipe samples for various tests such as lead (other metals as well), asbestos / mold, and organic compounds (PCBs, VOCs, SVOCs, pesticides, herbicides, etc).

A Chain of Custody or COC is a legal form that maintains the integrity of the sample by providing documentation of the control, transfer, and analysis of samples. COCs are provided on our website so that you can fill in the needed information about yourself, your sample(s) and the testing you require.

They can be found on the Home page in the Resources section. Each chain has shaded fields that must be filled out. If you are unable to download the form on our website then any paper or document that is sent with your sample(s) with your contact information, sample information and the test requested will become the COC.

We are responsible – through legally enforceable commitments – for the management of information obtained or created during the performance of laboratory activities. All information will be regarded as confidential, except for the information made public by the customer or when the customer and lab agree to the release of such information.

We do not collect the samples; we only analyze your collected samples. If you need help finding a company in your area for collection, contact our Customer Service department at 804-353-6778 or CustomerServices@slabinc.com, and they can give you recommendations.

There is no appointment required. We are open Monday through Friday from 7:00 AM to 6:30 PM, as well as Saturdays 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Walk-ins are welcome.

Our turnaround times are based on business days rather than hours. Shipping times can vary based on carrier, and are not factored in our turnaround. Our turnaround times begin when we receive your samples in our laboratory. Our business day ends at 6:00 PM. While the laboratory is open for limited hours on Saturday and Sunday, they are not counted as business days and thus are not factored into our regular turnaround times.

If we receive your sample on a normal business day (Monday through Friday) before 3:00 PM, your results for a 1 business day turnaround are due the following business day by 6:00 PM. The cut off time for sample receiving is 3:00 PM, and any samples submitted after that time will be treated as if received the next business day.**

For example, if we receive your sample at 3:05 PM on a Tuesday for a one day, it’s as if we received it on Wednesday, and your results would be due no later than Thursday at 6:00 PM. If we receive your sample on Saturday [2 hour and same day turnaround excluded] for a 3 business day turnaround, your results are due the following Thursday no later than 6:00 PM. For a five business day, if we receive your sample on a Friday, your results are due the following Friday no later than 6:00 PM since Saturday and Sunday are not included in business days.

** SLGI Home Test Kits are also based on business days, but are not subject to the 3:00 PM cutoff rule.

If you mark same day or two hour turnaround time you will receive your results that day, but you need to ensure you request a Saturday delivery label with the carrier (UPS or FedEx). Also please let your Project Manager know in advance that the samples will be arriving for 2 hour / same day turnaround time, and mark your Chain of Custody for “Saturday Results”.

Results are usually sent via email as a PDF attachment. Should you not have an email, we are happy to give your results verbally over the phone or mail you a copy to an address provided. We also offer online reporting for current accounts holders where you can view your results, COC and invoices online: Register for Online Reporting.

TEM stands for Transmission Electron Microscopy. TEM is used to identify asbestos fibers in air and bulk samples. The TEM is capable of analyzing samples at a very high magnification (20,000X or higher) and identifies asbestos fibers by morphology, crystalline structure and elemental analyses.

While we cannot perform these analyses in-house, we do have sister labs that can analyze them for us. Please contact us regarding pricing.

We cannot perform Silica XRD analysis in-house due to not having the proper instrumentation. However, we have sister labs that perform this analysis.