Blog post: Water Treatment Woes

drinking water

Over the past decade, millions have been exposed to unsafe water.   Investigations of water quality systems by the EPA and other agencies have shown that six decades of industrial dumping, farm runoffs and the deterioration of pipe systems across the nation have led to drinking water contamination.  In some cases water treatment facilities are unable to afford the necessary equipment to filter out the harmful contaminants present in the drinking water.

Water contamination can lead to diseases such as hepatitis and cancer and it can cause intellectual and developmental delays in children.  The EPA considers the deterioration of our pipes and treatment plants as a major contributor to the drinking water problems that has exposed millions of people to harmful contaminants.    From New York City’s water system which has failed bacteria standards to Tacoma, Washington whose water system has been cited for failing to test for harmful chemicals, the problems extend across the nation.

Several Southwestern states have groundwater tainted with arsenic and other chemicals that the small community treatments systems lack the funding and resources to filter from their water systems.  Erik Olson, director of the health program at the National Resources Defense Council stated “What is pretty clear is that a lot of these small communities, especially in lower-income areas, have a real problem ensuring compliance or even treating the water.  A lot of these smaller communities, they don’t even have the wherewithal to apply for available funding.”

Since Flint Michigan, testing has occurred across all 50 states and excessive levels of lead have been found in almost 2000 water systems which serve water to millions of people.  Lead is only one of the many possible contaminants that can affect drinking water.  Only by continued testing and funding to improve the water quality systems across the nation can we be sure that our children and families are safe.  Schneider Laboratories Global has established easy to use kits in order to test your water for lead and other contaminants.



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