Pump Loan Program


3 Easy Steps

1. Establish an SLGi Account: Download, print and complete the Customer Information Form and fax the completed form to 804-359-1475. Our standard credit terms are Net 30 for approved credit accounts, and a standby credit card authorization is needed on file. First orders for new customers require a credit card or check payment. This allows us to process your lab work immediately, while we process your credit application.

2. Upon receipt of your SLGi Account Number, please completed the Pump Loan Program Request Form and fax to 804-359-1475.

3. Please read, sign and fax the Pump Loan Agreement Form to 804-359-1475.

That’s IT! Your request is now being processed.

When all documents have been completed signed and faxed, our Pump Loan Department will verify your order before we ship it so you can be assured that you get what you need when you need it. The customer is responsible for all shipping charges pertaining to this program from SLGi to the customer and from the customer to SLGi. The customer agrees to send back all sampling pumps, chargers and accessories by insured courier (Federal Express, UPS, etc.) with a two-day delivery service or sooner. SLGi will ship the order to the customer by ground service unless otherwise requested by the customer. SLGi will invoice the customer for shipping charges. The customer is responsible for all taxes, duties and fees associated with this program.

Click here for loan documents, equipment list, and media catalog.