SLGI Certified Test Kits ©

Is there a strange odor in your house? Is the paint peeling where your child plays? Do you see mold? Does your water taste or smell odd?

If you are concerned with any of these questions, don’t wait another minute to see if your family is exposed to a potential health hazard. With one of our Lead Test Kits, Mold Test Kits, Asbestos Test Kits, or other easy to use and inexpensive home test kits, you can reach the peace of mind you need.

Overwhelming media attention and newly enacted legislation regarding life threatening home and office pollutants has heightened consumer awareness. This awareness has in turn created the demand for professional-grade environmental home safety test kits.

SLGI Certified Test Kits © are the first of their kind available nationally and globally. What we have to offer you is sure to satisfy any need you have to identify dangerous contaminants polluting the environments that surround you. The analytical cost is included in the cost of the kit so there are no hidden laboratory fees.

If you are submitting a kit with multiple samples (eg 5 Pack or 10 Pack), your samples must be submitted in one shipment only.