Industrial Hygiene


An industrial hygiene laboratory must be proficient in producing high quality data when analyzing samples that have been taken in the workplace environment. SLGI’s accreditation from the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA-LAP, LLC) is a true mark of this capability. AIHA-LAP, LLC accreditation shows that the laboratory has met the high standards set by ISO/IEC 17025. With SLGI’s accreditation by AIHA-LAP, LLC, we are part of a select group that has proven that a high level of quality and performance can be achieved and maintained.

SLGI currently runs OSHA and NIOSH methods in our Industrial Hygiene program. SLGI offers a variety on Industrial Hygiene analyses including Formaldehyde (OSHA 2016), Silica (NIOSH 7602) and Organic Solvent profile (NIOSH 1500) and additionally, we can develop specific methods for special projects through our extensive research and development for a standard fee plus a method development fee.

SLGI provides a no-Charge Pump Loan Program to all our customers and sample collection media. Please see our Pump Loan Program listing of sample media available in our directory of services.

Industrial Hygiene Fee Schedule