Product Testing

Schneider Laboratories Global, Inc can test for lead and other metals in many consumer products such as dinnerware and children’s toys. SLGI follows both EPA and Consumer Products Testing methods in determining the amount of lead present.


Children’s products can be tested for total lead content and for lead in paint and similar surface coatings. The regulatory limit for total lead in all children’s products is 100 parts per million (ppm) in any accessible component. The regulatory limit for lead in paint and other similar surface coatings is 90 ppm. The limits on lead content in children’s products has contributed to a successful effort by all federal health and safety agencies to lower the blood lead level in children.

Glazes which coat ceramic dinnerware may contain lead and if the glaze is improperly formulated, applied, or fired this may permit unacceptable amounts of lead to leach into food. The FDA’s regulatory limit for the safe allowable leaching level for lead is 2 ppm. The state of California has a lower allowable leaching level for lead of 0.1 ppm. SLGI can test your ceramic dinnerware products such as plates, bowls and cups for the presence of lead. We are able to use a non-destructive leaching method which will not destroy the sample if you need it returned.

If you would like to determine the total lead in a sample then you only need to send half a teaspoon or half a gram of the glazing or paint in a seal-able bag to the laboratory. Be sure to send a sample of all the colors and/or glazing present on the dinnerware since lead content may differ due to the color and type of glazing. The FDA does not have a regulatory level for the total lead in ceramic dinnerware; they are primarily concerned with the amount of lead which can leach out of the product. The FDA has documented the presence of other metals such as Cadmium in the pigments on ceramics. If you have any questions about the presence of hazardous metals in consumer products, do not hesitate to contact us.

Is your family eating off poisonous dinnerware? The following video documents our discussion with CBS6 about health hazards that may be present in your dishes. You might be surprised to find out how much lead has been hiding in your household!