The goal of Schneider Laboratories Global, Inc. is to generate high quality, legally defensible data for our customers. With this in mind, Quality Assurance is essential at Schneider Laboratories. All SLGI employees conduct themselves in a respectful, professional and responsible manner and in an atmosphere of open and honest communication where questions, discussions and feedback are encouraged. Employees take an active role in meeting our quality assurance standards.

SLGI operates under a strict quality assurance program governed by a comprehensive Quality Assurance Manual. This manual covers all aspects of laboratory operations from the receipt of samples to analysis and reporting as well as internal quality audits, reviews, employee qualifications and training. The efforts to consistently improve the quality assurance program, as well as expand the services offered by the laboratory, are a great undertaking and are being shouldered by each employee at every level of the laboratory’s organization.

We understand the significance of the data we produce and how these results, and the interpretation of this data affect you, our customer. We have dedicated staff members that are knowledgeable in environmental regulations and programs and are willing to offer their expertise in environmental regulations and programs. All analytical data is reviewed by staff to ensure that all elements of our rigorous Quality Assurance program are met prior to report generation. Our analytical methods conform to stringent USEPA and State regulations.

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