Blog post: Press Release: New environmental justice and BLM mural on Cary & Robinson!

September 4, 2020
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(Richmond, VA) – Starting on 9/4/20, Schneider Laboratories Global Inc. will be collaborating with the legendary S. Ross Browne on a new mural catalyzed by the Black Lives Matter movement and its freedom advocates. The artwork will adorn our wall at 2512 W. Cary St in the heart of the former capital of the Confederacy.

As an environmental laboratory, our work centers on analyzing air, water, and soil for environmental hazards. These hazards impact Black, Indigenous, people of color and low-income communities the most as a result of systemic racism and health inequities. The growing climate crisis is only exacerbating this impact. What does a future look like where we dismantle these intersections of injustice?

We are honored that S. Ross Browne is lending his brush to materialize this message. Browne is a professional studio artist, an educator, a writer with over 28 years of experience in painting. His art has been exhibited in print, galleries and museums nationwide. His storytelling is representational, enriched by allegories based in historical fact, tied into present socio-political dynamics, challenging and eroding racial archetypes.

Themes of identity, power and self-actualization permeate as Black subjects – often Black women – are depicted as rulers and empowered people. Browne says: “by adding atypical images in my painting, I force the narrative to change. I lead the viewer to question their own perception and perhaps their own bias.” Art has always been a catalyst for positive change. It has a duty to nurture the mind, and pave the path to liberation. Let’s visualize a new and more equitable world, and then bring it to fruition.

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