SLGI Home Test Kits

SLGI Home Test Kits are an all-inclusive health and safety resource for the concerned homeowner, contractor or renter. We believe the right to test anything from the soil we walk on, to the food and water we consume should be available to everyone. Our ultimate goal is to protect the health and safety of our children, families, and properties with practical and accurate testing that will save lives and lower health costs.

Our kits come in several sampling quantities and turnarounds to meet your needs. SLGI provides all required tools to collect samples, and ship them back to our laboratory for analysis. The return shipping and analytical cost is included in the price of the kit so there are no hidden fees.

You can head to our Store to browse through our products. Once you receive your kit, you can head to the Login section to sign up and register your sample(s). You will receive an email once your kit is processing. You can then log back into the Login section to view your due date, order status and your report once available.