Blog post: Join the Fight against Trump Environmental Policies

Across the nation and the globe, scientists worry about the Trump era and its effect on the scientific community and the environment. Trump and his appointees have declared war on science, denying climate change, and the need for environmental protection and research. Trump’s declaration of the US plans to withdraw from the Paris agreement set the stage for the rest of his policies on the environment.

Examples of Trump’s lack of concern in environmental issues are shown through some of his recent implementations such as his cutting of funds for clean energy research, the firing of over 40 science advisers and the cancellation of science panel meetings, his removal of protection of the endangered grizzly bear and the dropping the ban on the pesticide chlorpyrifos in food. These examples show us the state of mind of the US government under Trumps regime.

These and other policies show that we have a fight ahead of us in order to protect our environment and ultimately protect ourselves. The hateful rhetoric that is being embraced by our government must be overcome. We must all work together to oppose these and other policies in order to ensure a safe and protected world.

To see other examples of Trump policies and implementations go to: Trump Policies



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