Blog post: Hiding “Flint” Problems


Flint Michigan reminded a nation of the problems with lead contamination in drinking water.  Flint is still suffering from this problem over one year later.  Flint residents cannot drink water unless it is filtered and most families rely on bottled water for drinking, cooking and bathing.  More than a dozen state and local officials have been charged and they face years in prison if convicted.  But the problems in Flint are nationwide.

In 2004 in East Chicago, Indiana a mom took her children to a doctor to learn they had scarlet fever, a disease that had been almost never heard of since the 1950’s.  When she brought this up to her housing authority they did not do anything or look into any possible contamination.  Years went by with her family suffering from many varied illnesses until in 2014 she received a notice from the EPA that the soil surrounding her home was toxic.  Shortly thereafter she received a letter from the major stating the same thing.  She realized that the city had known that there may a problem but until the EPA got involved nothing had been done.

This spring, the townspeople of Waverly Virginia were upset due to the failure to properly notify them of potential health hazards in their drinking water.   Due to the aging infrastructure of the town’s water system, pipes began to break and leak and contaminate the water supply.   Residents described the water coming from the pipes as brown and with debris floating in the water.   There was also a strong smell from the water.    Some residents only found out about a boiling water decree when they went to the local McDonalds and saw that they would not provide any drinks or ice using the water from Waverly.   Little to no information was given to the residents about the problems with the water.   In March of this year, The Virginia Department of Health investigated and found potential lead contamination inside the blue water tank in Waverly.   After investigating the information the VDH realized the town had known about the potential contamination problem for over a year, but had not notified the state or the residents.   VDH ordered that the tank be taken offline immediately.

The testing of schools for lead is occurring in various places across the nation due the Flint Michigan case.   This testing is showing that lead in drinking water is a much bigger problem than many thought.   The other cases in Waverly and East Chicago show us that city officials may not always have their constituents’ best interest at heart.  Be aware of the possible health hazards that may affect your family.   Contact your elected officials to make them aware of your concerns with drinking water and soil contamination.   This link will help you learn who your local, state or national elected officials are:  Elected Officials Search

Schneider Laboratories Global Inc has test kits available to test your soil and water for possible contamination.   If you have questions about the steps you need to take in order to ensure your family’s health you can contact us at [email protected]




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