Najwa Abouzaki

President, CEO
Najwa has a Ph.D. in Chemistry and a Bachelor’s in Medical Technology. She is the leader of all leaders, overseeing every part of the daily operations.

Fayez Abouzaki

General Manager
Fayez has a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry. He oversees the day-to-day operations and production of SLGi. Under Fayez’s leadership, we continue to become more efficient and strive for excellence.

Karim Abouzaki

IT Director

Ext. 11

Karim has been leading the IT Department for three years, and has grown SLGi’s technological capabilities by leaps and bounds! He has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. Karim and his staff continue to seek and find more innovative ways to keep SLGI moving forward.

Hind Eldanaf

Ext. 32

Microscopy Supervisor
Hind supervises the microscopy and microbiology department. She has been with SLGi for over 10 years. Hind is also the QC Representative of the department working closely with the QA Department to keep up with the newest methods and regulations.

Irma Faszewski

Ext. 14

Quality Assurance Director
Irma keeps a keen eye on SLGi’s quality and ensures that it meets the high standards required by the many national and state certifying agencies, as well as our customers. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and has over 16 years of experience in Quality Assurance.